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The Only Deduplication Engine Built for Cloud Object Storage

A single deduplication fabric for all your unstructured data that enables a cloud first future

StorReduce... is partnering with object storage vendors such as AWS, Microsoft and HGST. StorReduce aims to provide much needed functionality to a market that otherwise has dismal support for deduplication.

Gartner - The Future of Object Storage (27 June 2017)
Lightning speed transfer of your data from on-premises to cloud and between clouds at Petabyte-scale.

Ingesting at ¾ PB per day (8.2 GiB/s), Recovering at (4.5 GiB/s), Deduplication ratio of 95%, no silo on cloud storage. [Results shown are on a 9 server cluster. Speed increases near linearly onto unlimited servers across an object store.]

Use Cases

Replace Data Domain with Private or Public Object Storage

Move primary backups to Private or Public Object Storage with StorReduce and save up to 70% per GB raw. StorReduce enables LAN-speed recovery of your backups when using Private Object Stores on-premises or Direct Connects or their equivalent from public clouds.

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Replace Tape with Cloud

Migrate tape backups to Cloud with StorReduce and save up to 75%. StorReduce's S3-compatible API uniquely ensures that all data can be accessed via cloud services in real-time, unlike solutions that use CIFS/NFS interfaces.

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Object Clone
Clone entire buckets at PB scale, near instantaneously

Let every developer or researcher work on a complete and isolated set of cloud data, protect your cloud data set against accidental or malicious deletion. Clone PB scale buckets at virtually no extra cost, near instantaneously.

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Reduce On-Cloud Backup Costs

Backup on-cloud systems and save up to 90% with StorReduce. Simply install StorReduce from any leading Public Cloud marketplace (Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure) and reduce your on-cloud backup costs by up to 90%.

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Hadoop Backup

Reduce the cost of backups of your fast growing big data analysis. Ensure closer roll-back recovery points for your analysis by enabling more frequent backups. Upgrade your Hadoop systems with the protection of off-site backups.

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Other Unstructured Data

StorReduce offers a free estimator tool to assess whether your unstructured data can be deduplicated and by what percentage. Whether you have lifted data into object storage quickly and have multiple copies of the same data or have types of data that you believe has inherent copying, free trial StorReduce to calculate your dedupe ratio.

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Global Inline Deduplication
Scale Out 1-100s of Servers
A Single Namespace
Amazon S3 Compatible API

Recommended by Leading Public and Private Cloud Object Stores

Backup Products

StorReduce is compatible with all leading backup solutions and is compatible with any product that supports the Amazon S3 API. Click here to see the full list of compatible products.

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