StorReduce makes cloud storage cheaper than tape

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Have a cloud-first mandate? See the cloud architectures only StorReduce can enable. View Architectures.


Case Studies

Learn how StorReduce and Equinix partnered to reduce a US healthcare company's on-cloud backup costs by over 85%, enabling a cost effective move of their IT infrastructure into AWS Cloud.

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"This is the first time in a long time that something does exactly what it says it will. We're very happy."

Bill Young, Director Professional Services, Equinix

See the Equinix Case Study.

"It is virtually impossible to migrate large tape archives to cloud using existing on-premise deduplication offerings because they do not scale ... StorReduce scales and reduces years of work to weeks ... StorReduce makes my business work."

Guy Holmes, Director, SpectrumData

See the SpectrumData Case Study.

Cloud-First Architecture

See how StorReduce enables a cloud-first architecture for your company.

StorReduce is designed to unlock your data for use on the cloud. StorReduce's S3 API makes it possible to read your data on-premises and on-cloud at the same time, enabling you to extract business value from data that would otherwise be locked away on tape.

Watch the video to see how StorReduce unlocks your data for use with cloud services like Elastic and Hadoop.

How it Works

StorReduce deduplication software installs on-cloud or on-premises in minutes and deduplicates data in real-time as it passes through our Amazon S3 compatible API.

StorReduce is built for multi-petabyte enterprise datasets and supports clustering for high availablility and redundancy. StorReduce is suited to both backup and archive workloads as well as real-time big data workloads that demand low-latency and high-throughput and supports any software or services compatible with Amazon S3 (e.g. Hadoop or ElasticSearch).

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