MOVE 1 PB FREE* to Amazon S3 Standard IA or S3

Move your periodic backups and other unstructured data to AWS Cloud up to 30x faster and reduce your cloud storage costs to as little as 3%.

Requires a mere configuration change on NetBackup 7.7, EMC CloudArray and other technologies!

5 Reasons to Use StorReduce:

  1. Software only - deploy in minutes, OPEX
  2. Fit within your backup window, up to 600 MB/s throughput
    • reduce your transfer time down to as little as 1/40th
    • migrate 1 PB in a month, not months
  3. Reduces your cloud storage down to as little as 3%
  4. Use any cloud services on your migrated data: Your index data is migrated to cloud and has an S3 API
  5. Integrated with Veritas NetBackup 7.7, EMC CloudArray and more. No need to remove your existing on-premises software before migration to cloud!

Try the FREE StorReduce Estimator appliance to estimate your dedupe, transfer speedup and cost savings using your own data, or if you know your deduplication ratio already then use the online estimator below to see the benefits now.

Estimate your savings

See StorReduce case study here.

* Conditions apply: Offer is for a FREE StorReduce 1 PB Virtual Appliance for 6 months and limited to migrating on-premises backups and archives to AWS S3 or S3 IA. Offer does not include costs for running StorReduce Appliance (either on-premises or on-cloud), or AWS storage costs. Offer valid for the first 5 customers only. Offer does not apply to companies already on trials.