About Us

StorReduce Leadership


Vanessa Wilson

Responsible for StorReduce's go to market and partnerships. Over 20 years’ experience in successfully setting up international limbs of companies or new business divisions, creating the go to market for ground breaking products, establishing and working with great teams to execute.

Vanessa helped US company ESI International grow its Australian and New Zealand operations to a multimillion dollar business, established the sales team and acquired many of ANZ's largest enterprises as clients, including: Telecom NZ, Westpac, CommBank and Qantas.

Originally a corporate lawyer.

Selected by Springboard Enterprises https://sb.co/about-2/ as a leading Australian female entrepreneur (81% of Springboard companies are still in business as independent or merged entities, including 15 IPOs, and many are the technology engines of publicly traded companies), Advance Innovation Program (selected as 1 of Australia’s hottest new companies).


Hugh Emberson

Hugh sets StorReduce’s technical vision, leads the technical team, designs the StorReduce core, including all major algorithms and is responsible for all technical partnerships.

He is accomplished at creating leading-edge, scalable IT solutions to solve interesting problems for listed companies and startups. Over 20 years' experience in software development and design, including ten years in cloud storage.

Over 2% of global equity trades occur on software that Hugh developed at his previous startup Cameron Systems (acquired). Hugh was Global Head of Architecture leading the WW development team. Clients included Bank of America, BlackRock, NYSE and CitiGroup.

Hugh is a deduplication and compression expert published by the IEEE. He holds a patent, a BSc in Computer Science, Hons. (1st) and MSc. Hugh regularly presents at leading edge cloud events.

Chief Product Officer

Mark Cox

Mark’s passion is about creating software products, with over 20 years experience as a solution and enterprise architect, software developer and leader of agile software teams.

Prior to StorReduce, Mark was at ActiveState where he was the Technical Lead and Development Manager for Stackato, the Platform-as-a-Service acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

A founder of Appsecute (acquired by ActiveState), Mark also has a strong business and enterprise focus, having worked with Lehman Brothers, SBC Warburg and Telecom New Zealand. Mark holds a BSc in Computer Science, Hons. (1st).

Vice President of Product Strategy and Solution Architecture

Chad Monteith

Chad was previously IBM’s Global Cloud Architect Lead for Worldwide IBM Cloud Object Storage. Chad influenced over 2 exabytes deployed into large global strategic and integrated accounts, and engaged with the geo's and product development for all IBM industry verticals. Chad was an integral part of the Cleversafe team, focused on Service Provider and Strategic Accounts, upon the acquisition by IBM.

Prior to Cleversafe, Chad was with Hitachi Data Systems building the Hitachi NAS and Content Platform business in the US.

VP of Engineering

Tyler Power

Tyler is an expert software engineer, product creator, and team builder skilled in designing scalable cloud technologies, with over a decade of IT experience.

Tyler is the VP of Engineering at StorReduce, where he is helping to pioneer the world's first virtualization layer for object storage, which includes the only cloud-native data deduplication platform for object storage.

Prior to joining StorReduce Tyler worked as principal engineer on ActiveState's Docker-based cloud platform Stackato, seeing it through to acquisition by Hewlett Packard.

A founder of Appsecute (acquired by ActiveState), Tyler has also worked at Jade Software Corporation where he managed mission-critical systems for major hospitals, logistics and financial organizations around the world.

Chief Architect

Jeff Tofano

Jeff is an expert software designer with more than thirty years of experience in data protection, storage systems, databases and highly available systems. He has served as CTO, Chief Architect and Technical Director at several companies including HDS, Sepaton, Quantum, Network Appliance, Oracle, Tandem and Stratus Computers. Jeff earned a BA in computer science and mathematics from Colgate University.

He started his career as a Unix kernel engineer, spending 10 years working and managing multiprocessor implementations, kernel hardening, advanced security features, high-speed interconnects and distributed file systems. Jeff then spent several years working on databases, including internals, distributed features and loosely consistent scale-out variants, eventually moving on to general storage systems.

Most recently, Jeff has been focused on dedupe systems, driving the design and rollout of several dedupe appliance products at HDS, Sepaton, Quantum and Network Appliance. He holds multiple dedupe patents and has published papers and presented at multiple shows and events.

Jeff’s enterprise storage experience has been across several classes of solutions including distributed NAS software and appliances, block appliances, flash appliances, multiple scale-out file systems and two commercial object stores currently hosting huge petabyte-scale deep stores.

Jeff is also an expert in reliable systems, having developed several highly reliable fault tolerant systems and software products at Stratus, Tandem and Oracle. He holds several patents in the area of fault tolerance and reliable distributed computing.

Although his career has been split between large and small companies, Jeff truly loves the smaller companies where innovation and fast development are at a premium.

Senior System Architect

Gavin Ong

Gavin has developed deep experience as a software engineer, data scientist and cloud architect. Gavin is an engineer of the core StorReduce product.

Gavin was an early stage researcher of machine learning algorithms developed for diagnosing pneumonia automatically using smartphones - a project which was endorsed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and subsequently developed into a publicly-listed company with $209 M market cap (ASX: RAP - Apr 18, 2017)

He had subsequently co-founded a real estate company in Australia (Built Easy) and built their analytics capabilities for site development discovery and worked on large-scale projects as a consultant for Accenture.