StorReduce & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Move petabytes of backup data from on-premises to Amazon Web Services

Webinar: May 16, 2018 - 8 AM PDT/11 AM EDT

Webinar: IDT Telecom Corporation Modernizes Primary Backups by Storing to StorReduce & AWS

Join StorReduce, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and IDT Telecom Corporation to gain a deep understanding of how IDT Telecom Corporation saved significantly on primary backup costs, removed storage hardware silos, and increased durability with StorReduce deduplication software and AWS.

Join us to learn:

  • How you can remove single points of failure by movingprimary backupto AWS with StorReduce.
  • Steps you can take to gain granular access to critical data to achieve regulatory compliance.
  • How you can enable faster backup and recovery than on-premises appliances and reduce costs.

Webinar event details

Date and Time

May 16 2018 - 8 AM PDT/11 AM EDT

Partner Presenter

Hugh Emberson, CTO, StorReduce

Customer Presenter

David Wartell, Executive Vice President, IDT Telecom Corporation

AWS Presenter

Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture, AWS

Who should attend

This webinar is designed for CIOs, VPs of Storage, Backup GMs, and VPs or GMs of Infrastructure.

Move Primary, Secondary and Archival Backups to StorReduce and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Optimized at petabyte-scale for scalability, extremely high throughput (sustained at 10 GB/s, faster available with more servers in the cluster), the StorReduce solution ensures scalability and durability for your data. Recover both on-cloud and back to on-premises via a Direct Connect or hybrid cloud deployment. StorReduce frees your data for use in the cloud via standard cloud APIs so that you can reuse your backup data with other cloud services, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), search and more.

  • Save up to 70% on costs over a backup appliance, restore faster than appliances and ensure scalability, redundancy and durability by migrating data off on-premises backup appliances like Data Domains and tape to AWS or hybrid cloud
  • Removes the risk of data loss thanks to lightning fast inline deduplication rather than staging to expensive local disk
  • Uniquely uses a single name-space so it stores all backup data in a single pool, not silos, on the cloud
  • Supports replication of deduplicated data between cloud regions and public clouds, or between public and private cloud
  • Unwraps backup TAR files on the cloud so the migrated data can use any cloud services such as search, data mining or AI
  • Enables unlimited, near instantaneous, near free cloning of your entire cloud data set
  • Supports High Availability via cluster mechanism - cluster deployments can be crafted to span cloud availability zones to ensure data access is maintained even in the unlikely event of a complete failure of a cloud datacenter

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StorReduce on AWS QuickStart

StorReduce's on-cloud inline block level global deduplication software for unstructured data reduces your Amazon S3 Standard Infrequent Access (IA) and Amazon S3 Standard costs typically by 80-95%. It is extremely fast, handles enterprise volumes of data, and has an Amazon S3 interface which enables your data to be natively accessed by AWS Enterprise Cloud Services like Amazon CloudSearch and Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

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