StorReduce is now integrated with Veritas (Symantec) NetBackup 7.7!

by Vanessa Wilson

So with a mere configuration change, you can now deduplicate inline then migrate your on-premises backups (TBs - PBs) to cloud up to 30x faster and store around 97% less data on cloud.

Frank Slootman was right - tape sucks! So why are enterprises still forced to save their periodic weekly / monthly backups to tape when there is highly durable and ultra-affordable public cloud available?

Tape Sucks Cover It turns out that there are huge barriers to migrating large volumes of backups from on-premises to cloud over existing internet connections... and the cost and time required to upgrade connections is prohibitive. Plus many companies can't fit the migration of their periodic backup into the backup window because their data is not being deduplicated on-premises, or if it is, the deduplication is too slow.

NetBackup software does the backups for an estimated 75% of the Fortune 500 companies world wide, probably a lot of mid-market as well. Veritas released NetBackup 7.7 Cloud Connector in June 2015 and it is great at pushing data to cloud, but it does not deduplicate. Even if you use NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pools, you can’t push deduplicated backups to the cloud with Cloud Connector.

StorReduce is now fully integrated with NetBackup 7.7 Cloud Connector. (We’re a Veritas partner and on their official Technical Integration Program.) So now any company that has NetBackup can click on the console and select a cloud target and use StorReduce’s fast (up to 1100 MB/s) inline deduplication to reduce the volume of their data before it’s pushed over the Internet to store on cloud.

Many companies approaching StorReduce are having trouble getting their periodic backups to cloud. Some have as little as 20 TB each week that they’d like to push up (and retain for 1.5 years which adds up to 1.5 PB!), but even 20 TB is taking them 3 days on their existing internet connection. Other companies have over 100+ TB for each periodic backup and again the same problem of fitting it in the backup window.

With StorReduce the backups can be reduced by 30x to 40x for the second and subsequent backups with a similar reduction in transmission time. The reduction for the first backup is typically much smaller, but most public clouds have great seeding or importing offerings which StorReduce can work with. Plus we are showing a typical 97% reduction in the volume of data to be stored on cloud which results in significant ongoing cost savings.

So the StorReduce and NetBackup 7.7 Cloud Connector enables enterprises who could never before move off tape, to fit their periodic backups (up to 30-40x larger backups) into their backup window and migrate to cloud with a mere configuration change. Probably save a lot of money as well due to the great reduction (typically 80-97% for backups) on the data volume to store on cloud.

For details on configuring the NetBackup 7.7+ Cloud Connector for use with StorReduce, please see our NetBackup guides.


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