StorReduce launches support for replication

by Tyler Power

The companies we’re working with have a diverse set of requirements and workloads but one common need we often see is the desire to store multiple copies of the same data. Typically this is for redundancy, but often it’s for big data workloads, where the same data needs to be quickly accessible in multiple regions. The downsides of storing multiple copies is of course the time and cost associated with it.

StorReduce is uniquely positioned to help solve this problem, as the same high-speed deduplication technology that allows us to enable companies to move vast amounts of data quickly and affordably to the cloud can be applied to move data to secondary locations as well.

That’s why today, I’m happy to announce the availability of our new replication feature!

StorReduce now supports replication of deduplicated data between cloud regions, between public clouds or between public and private clouds. By only replicating unique deduplicated data StorReduce can save significant costs on outgoing bandwidth and secondary copy storage. A StorReduce server can optionally be run in the replica region or cloud to enable immediate read-only access to the replicated data.

StorReduce’s replication is asynchronous and is designed to be massively parallel and highly performant. It typically keeps a replica copy in sync within 1 or 2 seconds of writes to the primary copy, even under massive write workloads.

The screenshot below shows a primary StorReduce sever replicating data from one Amazon S3 region to another (us-west-2 to us-east-1). In this example a deduplication ratio of about 90% was used, so the ~100MB/s shown in the graph actually translates to about 1GB/s of client data being written through StorReduce and replicated to a second location in near real-time.

The main point to note is that the write workload (the light blue lines) is tracked very closely by the replication workload (the dark blue lines), this shows how closely the replica is tracking the primary data.

Replication Screenshot

Any number of replicas can be added and you can monitor the replication progress from the dashboard.

Please see the replication documentation for instructions on enabling replication.

Replication is available in StorReduce 2.8.5+. Click here to request a trial of StorReduce.


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