StorReduce is proud to be a Google Cloud Storage Coldline Launch Partner

by Vanessa Wilson

New Google Cloud Storage Coldline: low cost, live cloud storage. An ideal place for secondary backups, long-term archival storage, Hadoop backups and more…

The new Google Cloud Storage Coldline’s extremely low cost combined with StorReduce’s deduplication enables enterprises to save up to 45% by moving their long-term backup data off tape to Coldline. Work out how much you will save by moving your data off tape to Coldline with our TCO calculator here.

When used as a gateway, StorReduce’s inline deduplication software enables you to affordably move Petabytes of data to Google Cloud Storage Coldline.
StorReduce is on the NetBackup 7.7+ console and works with most other backup applications, including Commvault and Oracle RMAN. Uniquely, StorReduce removes hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware cost vs other cloud gateways and keeps your migrated data useable with cloud services.

Given Coldine enables live access to your data, in conjunction with StorReduce’s RESTful object store API, you can use cloud services like search and Hadoop on the migrated data in close to real-time. In addition Coldline is the most cost effective storage option in the Google Cloud Storage lineup for other unstructured data types that can benefit from StorReduce’s deduplication.

For example, if you are running Hadoop or big data workloads on Google Cloud Platform, you should store your Hadoop backups in Coldline and further significantly reduce their storage cost by using StorReduce deduplication on those backups.

Any data you are looking to store on Coldline, could potentially be deduplicated by StorReduce to greatly reduce the cost and speed up movement. Other use cases include: one off data migration to cloud, long-term archival storage, backup of on-cloud systems and potentially life sciences data.

StorReduce works on all of Google Cloud Platform’s object storage options.

StorReduce is a highly scalable deduplication engine designed specifically for object stores to overcome the problem of piece-modal legacy deduplication offerings typically designed for on-premises offerings, not cloud.

Contact for a free trial of StorReduce or more information.

To read more about Google Cloud Storage Coldline see the announcement post on Google’s blog here.


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