StorReduce Supports AWS S3 Standard - Infrequent Access.

by Vanessa Wilson

To celebrate the release of AWS S3 Standard - Infrequent Access (S3-IA), StorReduce is offering the first 10 customers a FREE StorReduce Virtual Appliance to migrate up to 1 PB of on-premises backup and archival data to AWS S3-IA. Conditions Apply*.

Given that an estimated 90+% of enterprises and much of the mid-market still have most of their data on-premises, it is a great move for AWS to bring in a platform optimized to attract the large on-premises backup, archive and disaster recovery market to cloud. AWS S3-IA provides high-performance, durable, and low-cost cloud storage optimized for long-lived data, that can be accessed quickly and when needed. Its life cycle policies also enable colder data to be moved to Glacier for even lower priced long-term storage.

Until now there have been major barriers to moving larger backup, archive and DR workloads to cloud.

Firstly, as covered in our last blog, many companies can’t fit their periodic backups into their backup window over their existing Internet connection. So they can’t migrate them to cloud. Either their data is not being deduplicated on-premises, or their on-premises deduplication is too slow to migrate the data in a timely manner. StorReduce solves this issue for most companies by getting a 30-40x reduction in data size and transfer time required for second and subsequent backups.

Secondly, often companies looking to migrate from on-premises tape or disc to cloud ignore sunk costs like tape robots, on-premises or co-location rental costs, cooling, power, manual labour costs and more. This can make it look favourable to store data on premises rather than cloud on a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison, even when it is not.

The combination of the ultra-low cost of storing on AWS S3-IA (which starts at a tiny $0.0125 per gigabyte per month) plus the typical 80-97% deduplication benefit that StorReduce obtains on backup and archive workloads (which reduces both the transfer cost and on-cloud storage costs down to as little as 3%), now makes the TCO for most moves to cloud highly compelling and much more favourable than storing on-premises.

In addition to the new cost benefit and ease of migrating on-premises backups to cloud, the existing benefits of cloud storage over on-premises storage for backup and disaster recovery still remain: much higher durability than tape, scalable recovery of unlimited sites at once, the ability to have software defined disaster recovery rather than under-utilized costly physical DR sites with limited scalability of recovery, using cloud services like data mining to maximise the business value of your data on cloud, and more.

There has never been a better time to migrate your backup, archive and DR on-premises data up to cloud.

Request a FREE Trial today here and be one of the 10 companies to receive a free 1 PB Virtual Appliance to migrate to cloud.

Ask for the free StorReduce TCO Calculator today to work out how much you’ll save immediately by moving from on-premise storage to cloud.

* Conditions: Offer is for a FREE StorReduce 1 PB Virtual Appliance for 6 months and limited to migrating on-premises backups and archives to AWS S3 or S3 IA. Offer does not include costs for running StorReduce Appliance (either on-premises or on-cloud), or AWS storage costs. Offer valid for the first 10 customers only. Offer does not apply to companies already on trials.


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