Why We Started StorReduce

by Vanessa Wilson

Welcome to StorReduce!

A lot of people are interested in why we started StorReduce and what we aim to achieve. So we wanted to share our journey so far with you.

We created the technology that StorReduce is based on - cloud based deduplication for unstructured data - to solve the problem that our other company had: cloud storage costs. We were running a company whose major costs were cloud storage and bandwidth for transferring data from on-premise to cloud. We realised that if we could cut these costs by over 90% we could offer our solution at a radically lower cost and also achieve a better solution due to much quicker transfer of data to cloud. So we took a few years and created the technology.

We thought that any company using cloud storage would have created cloud based deduplication to get similar benefits. Deduplication had revolutionized the on-premise storage market and it seemed logical to us that it would already be available on cloud. It was only when we met with the global CTO of a leading storage company that it was confirmed to us that on-cloud deduplication was not generally available as software to rent on cloud.

Of course we did a lot of research and meetings to confirm this (and thanks to the Accelerators that we are a part of who got us straight to CTO level with many enterprises for our research - Heads Over Heels, Springboard, Advance Innovation).

What we learnt is that:

  • the cost and management overhead of using different storage mediums for unstructured data is a major concern for enterprises because unstructured data is the fastest growing kind of data

  • enterprises are keen to remove their data from existing silos, to save costs and also so they can run cloud services like data mining and search across all of their data

  • even though cloud storage seems cheap, as you get larger volumes on cloud it adds up

  • it’s really hard and expensive to migrate and store large amounts of tape or backup data to cloud.

We created StorReduce to solve these problems. Any company with unstructured data that is able to be deduplicated (see our next blog post on this!), that is already on cloud or wishing to migrate to cloud, can rent StorReduce software by the hour, push a few buttons and radically reduce their costs for cloud storage and bandwidth transfer. Their data remains open to all the great cloud services in a common unstructured data pool on cloud.

Our vision is for StorReduce to enable companies using cloud to have a single cloud-based ‘data lake’ with no data silos, that is affordable, scalable and maximizes the data’s business value.

We are very excited to be launching StorReduce. We hope you try it and like it! We’d love your feedback on what we’re offering and what else you would like us to add. We look forward to freeing your data and saving you money on cloud storage costs.


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