StorReduce and Globe Telecom

StorReduce Case Study

Globe Telecom replaces DellEMC Data Domain backup appliances and does primary backups from on-premises through StorReduce to Amazon Cloud

Globe Telecom is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines with over 65 million subscribers and $2.4B revenue in 2015.

StorReduce is the migration software that does not require any specialized hardware to run, even for large volumes of data, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars per node over other gateways like NetApp AltaVault, Veritas Appliances, CTera and Rubrik.

Customer Challenge

Globe Telecom was backing up its on-premises servers to DellEMC Data Domains which were running out of capacity due to growth in and retention of backup data. Globe Telecom was faced with the options of: buying more Data Domains to store long term backup data and being locked into an expensive non-scalable legacy hardware cycle; storing this data to tape (which has the same problems as storing on Data Domains or other on-premises purpose built backup appliances); or storing it to cloud.

Globe Telecom preferred these backups to be stored off-site to cloud as cloud is affordable, scalable and redundant. However, to select cloud storage the Total Cost of Ownership needed to be cheaper for cloud, and they needed to be able to move the backups offsite within a set backup window.

In addition, Globe Telecom did not have any backup software for moving these backups from Data Domains to AWS cloud. StorReduce wrote a script using AWS CLI to periodically copy the data from the Data Domains through StorReduce into S3-IA to solve this problem

Why StorReduce

Globe Telecom trialled a number of offerings to migrate their data to cloud.

They selected StorReduce because StorReduce’s inline scale-out deduplication software can be installed with nearly any existing backup product and with a mere configuration change it will target petabytes of primary, secondary and archival backup data to almost any public or private cloud target for storage. It helps reduce customer costs by moving primary backups off legacy siloed on-premises backup appliances which have a single point of data loss potential, like DellEMC Data Domain to cloud, typically saving a customer up to 70% in Total Cost of Ownership over 3 years. StorReduce also moves longer term backups (weeklies and monthlies) off tape to cloud, solving the same problems as for backup appliances. Due to it’s unique use of the AWS S3 API, StoReduce enables use of generic cloud services on backup workloads that have been migrated to cloud.

In production since 2016 at Petabyte scale with StorReduce and AWS Cloud - Customer Benefits

Globe Telecom has been in production with StorReduce storing primary backups over Amazon Direct Connects to the Amazon Cloud since mid 2016. StorReduce and AWS Cloud are projected to save Globe Telecom $3.8 million over 5 years by not purchasing additional DellEMC Data Domain or other hardware for periodic backup storage. Globe Telecom now have the off-site protection and the added scalability and durability of the Amazon Cloud with StorReduce and the additional benefit of being able to re-purpose their backups on cloud for test, development, quality assurance and use of cloud services such as CloudSearch on those cloud backup workloads.