StorReduce and Melco Resorts and Entertainment

StorReduce Case Study

StorReduce, Veritas and AWS win Melco Resorts and Entertainment Macau and Hong Kong to Store Backups to AWS Cloud

Melco Resorts and Entertainment (MRE) use Veritas NetBackup to store their primary backups on Veritas NetBackup Appliances and have traditionally stored their secondary and archival backups on tape.

MRE wanted to replace tape in their Hong Kong, Studio City (Macau) and COD (Macau) sites and store their backups on the cloud to remove the backup management overhead and costs associated with tape. MRE identified that they would require a cloud-based deduplication product to make the data transfer over the Internet to the cloud possible, and to ensure the TCO for storing on-cloud was favorable over tape. MRE preferred AWS as their cloud provider as they identified it as the best in class cloud provider.

Veritas Hong Kong recommended StorReduce as their deduplication partner to MRE over other gateway solutions. StorReduce is unique and differentiated from alternative solutions as:

  • it can move massive amounts of data from on-premises systems to cloud with almost no hardware requirements, versus other gateways which require up to 20% of the data to be stored in expensive SAN grade hardware
  • has uniquely scalable throughput that enables Petabytes of data to be moved 24/7 rather than buffering and staging like legacy gateways. This removes the single data loss point inherent in on-premises backup appliances
  • has an S3 interface and deploys as software inside a virtual machine or Docker image
  • StorReduce is on the NetBackup Cloud Connect console, so it is a mere configuration change to direct an enterprise’s backups away from tape through StorReduce to AWS Cloud.

Being a casino group, MRE were concerned about the encryption of their data both in-flight and at-rest. StorReduce supports and recommends the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) which MRE are now in production with.

MRE went into production in early 2017 at three sites moving their secondary backups and archives to AWS S3IA (Singapore Region) through StorReduce and have over 1 Petabyte in production. They are retaining weekly backups for 1 month, and monthly backups for 10 years. After 10 years they will have a total of 16 PB in StorReduce. The total amount of data in S3 IA after 10 years (after deduplication) will be approximately 1.6 PB.

By moving to AWS with StorReduce, MRE is forecast to save up to 75% on the TCO compared to a tape-based solution. MRE will immediately reduce backup and tape management overhead by removing the need to change tapes, maintain tape hardware and to cycle tapes offsite. MRE’s long term archival data will benefit from AWS S3’s enhanced durability over tape. Additionally, StorReduce made this solution possible by ensuring MRE’s existing Internet connections could be used, and removing the need for an expensive and time consuming rewiring of their data centers.