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StorReduce Deployment Guides

StorReduce Single

The StorReduce Single-Server Edition is designed for small deployments and trials of StorReduce (up to 2PB) and comes pre-configured for use in a single-server configuration.

StorReduce Cluster

The StorReduce Cluster Edition is designed for large scale-out deployments of StorReduce (up to 100s of PBs) that supports 10s of GB/s of throughput with high availability.

StorReduce Monitor

The StorReduce Monitor appliance is an optional component of a StorReduce scale-out cluster that provides centralized log management and statistics aggregation.

StorReduce Insight

StorReduce Insight unlocks and indexes the data stored within backups, providing insight into data that was previously locked away. It does this by analysing backup data stored in cloud storage or private object stores, including data that has been deduplicated by StorReduce.

StorReduce Advanced Configuration

Client Software

StorReduce supports all S3-compatible client software including leading backup products such as Veritas NetBackup, Veeam, Oracle RMAN, Commvault, Zmanda and CloudBerry.

Technical White Paper

Download the StorReduce Technical White Paper to find out more about StorReduce architecture, performance, security and use cases.


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