Backup Products and Utilities Compatible with StorReduce

Backup Software and Appliances

These backup products can use StorReduce as a target.

  • Veritas NetBackup. As of version 7.7+ of NetBackup and 2.7 of the NetBackup Appliance, StorReduce can be configured as a backup target. Please see our instruction guides for a step by step guide. StorReduce is a Veritas Technology Partner.

  • Veeam backup for VMWare and HyperV virtual machines.

  • NetWorker Unified backup and recovery.

  • Commvault Backup and Recovery. We’ve been told by customers that they often have to turn off Commvault’s native deduplication because it is slow and has high hardware requirements. Commvault can be configured to use StorReduce as a backup target.

  • Veritas Backup Exec backup for SMEs. StorReduce is Veritas Technology Partner.

  • Amanda and Amanda Enterprise. See our instructions.

  • CloudBerry Backup for Windows desktops and Windows Server.

  • HP VMX VM Backup for SMBs.

  • Oracle RMAN via the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud module.


These products all allow you to browse files in StorReduce, upload and download files or directories, sync directories and much more.

  • The AWS Command Line Interface is a command line tool for accessing AWS and compatible services. See this document for instructions on how to configure and use the AWS CLI with StorReduce. Runs on Unix, Linux, Windows and OS X.

  • CloudBerry Explorer a Windows GUI tool.

  • S3Browser another Windows GUI tool. S3Browser also has some command line tools that can be used from batch file or Powershell scripts.

  • S3Cmd a portable command line tool. It runs on Unix, Linux, Windows and OS X.

  • Cyberduck a GUI tool for OS X and Windows.

  • S3Backer Mount a filesystem on S3 compatible storage.

For scripting tasks we recommend the AWS CLI. It seems to be the fastest, most configurable and compatible. S3Cmd is also good and can be easier to install.