StorReduce Monitor VMware Deployment Guide

Deploy the StorReduce Monitor OVA

If you have not already done so please contact us to request a free trial of StorReduce and download the StorReduce Monitor OVA file for VMware.

Use the vSphere web client to register a new virtual machine, making sure to select the OVA-style deployment:

Create VM Screenshot

Assign a name to the new virtual machine and upload the StorReduce Monitor OVA file that you previously downloaded:

Select OVA Screenshot

Select a data store making sure to select one that supports thin provisioning:

Select StorageScreenshot

After completing the new virtual machine wizard please edit the configuration and give it at least 2 CPU cores and at least 6 GB of memory:

Configure VM Screenshot

Please login using the default username root and password storreduce and use nmtui (or similar) to set a static IP address:

Configure VM Screenshot

Now that the StorReduce Monitor Appliance has been deployed please return to the StorReduce Monitor Deployment Guide to continue the configuration.