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The StorReduce server sits in front of your regular cloud storage and transparently deduplicates data. Clients will connect to the StorReduce server’s S3 interface rather than talking directly to the underlying Object Store (e.g. Amazon S3).

The StorReduce server runs on Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, Azure, and on-premises via VMware. Together these options allow you to move on-premise data to the cloud in a fraction of the time, reduce storage costs, and maintain access to that data from cloud-based software and services.

StorReduce Overview Diagram


Use an on-premise StorReduce Virtual Appliance to move on-premise data to the cloud in a fraction of the time, and reduce cloud storage costs.

If you have an evaluation or production license issued by StorReduce:

Get started on-premises with a license

If you purchased the StorReduce On-Premises Edition through a Cloud Marketplace:

Get started on-premises through a Cloud Marketplace


Use a cloud-based StorReduce server to reduce cloud storage costs for existing cloud data, and provides access for cloud-based software and services.

Amazon EC2

If using Amazon EC2, we strongly recommend using the EC2 management console to set up StorReduce. This will allow S3 bucket access to be managed via IAM Roles, which is the most secure approach. Follow these instructions:

Get started using EC2 Management Console

If you do use 1-click set-up then you will need to enter your credentials manually:

Get started using 1-Click (not recommended)


Get started using Azure Marketplace

Google Compute Platform

Deploy StorReduce through the Google Compute Marketplace.

Get started using Google