Azure Getting Started Guide

StorReduce can be deployed on Azure via the Azure Marketplace. The Marketplace provisions appropriate compute, disk and networking components based on the StorReduce edition that is being deployed.

Step 1 - Deploy StorReduce from the Azure Marketplace

Deploy from Marketplace

  1. Log in to the Azure Management Portal
  2. Select the Marketplace pane from the left menu (You may need to click “Browse” to find it)
  3. Search for “StorReduce”
  4. Select the StorReduce edition suitable for your storage requirements.
  5. Click “Create”

Configure Deployment

Basics Pane

  1. Assign a name to the compute instance
  2. Enter a user name for the compute instance (used for connecting via SSH, if desired)
  3. Configure either a password or SSH key for the compute instance
  4. Enter a resource-group name (all Azure components associated with the deployment will belong to this resource-group)

Size Pane

Choose a machine size suitable for your storage and throughput requirements. See the StorReduce FAQ for performance information.

Settings Pane

Configure optional features as desired - the defaults are perfectly adequate.

Review the configuration summary and click “Purchase”

Step 2 - Configure Azure

After some time the Azure Management Portal will notify you that the deployment has completed.

Browse to the “Virtual Machines” Pane (NOT “classic”)

DNS Configuration

Click the “Public IP Address/DNS Name Label” link and click “Configuration”. Enter a DNS name for the compute instance and click “Save”. Note the DNS name down for later use.

Blob Storage Configuration

Browse to the “Storage Accounts” Pane (NOT “classic”) and select the Storage Account that was created during the deployment.

Click “Blobs” and then create a new container (“+”). Note down the name for later use.

Browse back to the Storage Account and click “Keys” (the KEY icon). Note down “KEY1” for later use.

Step 3 - Configure StorReduce

Browse to the DNS name that you gave to the compute instance via HTTPS e.g. and log in with the default credentials (username root, password storreduce).

By default StorReduce uses an automatically generated self-signed SSL certificate. For now it is OK to ignore and continue when presented with SSL warnings by your browser.

Please note if you are deploying a License Server edition you may stop here and return to the License Server Getting Started Guide to complete configuration.

Configure Storage

  1. Browse to the Settings tab
  2. Under the Storage Location section
    • Ensure Microsoft Azure is selected
    • Under Azure Storage Account Name enter the name of the Storage Account created during the deployment.
    • Under Azure Storage Account Key enter the key you previously noted down.
    • Under Container enter the name of the container you previously noted down.

Configure Network

  1. Browse to the Settings tab
  2. Under the Network section
    • Under Hostname enter the compute instance’s DNS name that you previously noted down.

Save Settings

Use the Save Settings & Restart Server button at the bottom of the settings page to apply the changes.

Step 4 - Start Using StorReduce

StorReduce is now fully configured and ready for use.

Follow the link below to see next steps and advanced configuration options.

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