Deploying the StorReduce On-Premises Edition through a Cloud Marketplace


StorReduce provides the option of purchasing an on-premises edition through AWS Marketplace or Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This allows billing for both on-cloud and on-premises StorReduce servers to be consolidated. Your monthly StorReduce bill will be delivered through the cloud marketplace.

The on-premises edition includes two servers:

  • A license server running on-cloud

  • A StorReduce Virtual Appliance running on-premises

The StorReduce on-premises Virtual Appliance is configured to source license information from the License Server.

The License Server must run continuously in order to allow the on-premises server to verify its license.

Step 1. Select your StorReduce on-premises edition

Using your chosen Cloud Marketplace, select and deploy the appropriate StorReduce On-Premises edition for the amount of data you want to manage.

Step 2. Deploy the License Server on-cloud

The cloud marketplace will then deploy your StorReduce Licence Server as an on-cloud instance/VM. Please note:

  1. A micro/small machine type should be used, as the License Server requires very little compute resources.

  2. No additional disk is required, as the License Server does not store any data.

  3. The License Server does not require any access to cloud storage (although the on-premises StorReduce Virtual Appliance does).

Step 3. Configure the License Server

  1. Browse to your your license server VM by pasting the public DNS name into a browser. For example:

    Most browsers will be automatically redirected to the StorReduce dashboard URL. If you are not redirected, add /storreduce-dashboard to the end of the URL you are browsing to, e.g.:

  2. You will receive a warning about the server’s certificate being invalid. Initially the server will use a self-signed certificate for the ‘localhost’ domain, which can be replaced later. Continue on past the browser warnings.

    Security Exception Screenshot

  3. Log in: You should see the Login dialog for StorReduce. Log in with the User Name of root. The initial password will be the instance ID of your server (e.g. i-123abc45). You can to change the root password for StorReduce after the server is configured.

    Login Screenshot

  4. On the Settings Configuration screen, enter the hostname. It is strongly recommended to use the public DNS name of the License Server machine, although the the public IP address can also be used. This hostname must be accessable by the on-premises appliance on port 443.

  5. Click on the Save Settings & Restart Server button at the bottom of the page. The page should automatically reload after 10 seconds. You will then need to log in as root again.

    Settings Saved Screenshot

  6. Browse to the License Server tab and take a copy of the “License Server URL”. This is the value you need to paste into the on-premises appliance in the next section.

Step 4. Deploy an On-Premises Server

Please follow the instructions in the On-Premises Server Getting Started Guide to deploy your on-premises server, and configure it to talk to your license server.

After completing the on-premises server configuration and restarting your server, it should automatically retrieve a license from the License Server. You can verify this by ensuring the currently active license matches the license displayed on the License Server.

Your StorReduce on-premises server will then be billed for through the Cloud Marketplace at the end of each billing period.