Getting Started Guide: On-Premises Server

The StorReduce server is available to download as a virtual appliance in OVA format, and can be used with VMware ESXi, VMware workstation or other compatible VM infrastructure.

This Getting Started Guide assumes you are setting up a StorReduce server for evaluation or testing purposes. For more detailed information about on-premises deployment of StorReduce, including production server deployment, please see the StorReduce On-Premises Installation Guide.

Deploy the StorReduce Server Virtual Appliance Image

  1. You should have an email from StorReduce with a download link and a license. If not, click here to register for a free trial and we’ll send you a license right away.

  2. Download the StorReduce OVA file.

  3. Import the OVA file into VMware ESXi, Workstation or Fusion.

    • We recommend that you select ‘thin provisioning’ for disks since the OVA file will set up several virtual disks. For evaluation purposes the default disk sizes can be used.

    • Ensure that you have network connectivity to the server on ports 22, 80 and 443, and optionally port 8080 can be used for the dashboard (admin) interface

  4. You must have a DNS name or hosts file entry to refer to the StorReduce server VM. Although you can use the IP address for the VM to browse to the Web console, this will not work for clients connecting via the S3 API. (S3 API digital signatures do not work when the endpoint is specified as an IP address.)

If required you can log in to the machine as user ‘root’ with the initial password ‘storreduce’.

Configure your StorReduce Server

Your StorReduce server can be configured using a Web browser by connecting to the StorReduce dashboard. You will need the following information:

  • The DNS name of your StorReduce server VM (see above)

  • The S3 bucket name and AWS region that StorReduce should use to store deduplicated data in the cloud. A new, empty S3 bucket is recommended.

  • An access key that can be used to store data in the S3 bucket. Both the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key are required. You may wish to create a seperate access key specifically for StorReduce.

  • License key information for your server. If you obtained a license directly from StorReduce then this will have been emailed to you. If you purchased the StorReduce On-Premises Edition through a Cloud Marketplace then you will have a StorReduce license server running on-cloud from which you can cut-and-paste a license server URL (see the StorReduce On-Premises Edition Guide for details).

Once you have the above information, enter the details into StorReduce as follows:

  1. Browse to your local StorReduce server VM by pasting the public DNS name into a browser. For example:

    Most browsers will be automatically redirected to the StorReduce dashboard URL. If you are not redirected, add /storreduce-dashboard to the end of the URL you are browsing to:

  2. You will receive a warning about the server’s certificate being invalid. Initially the StorReduce server will use a self-signed certificate for the ‘localhost’ domain, which can be replaced later. Continue on past the browser warnings.

    Security Exception Screenshot

  3. Log in: You should see the Login dialog for StorReduce. Log in with the User Name of root, with the initial password storreduce (in some older Virtual appliances the initial password will also be root). You can to change the root password for StorReduce after the server is configured.

    Login Screenshot

  4. On the initial screen, select ‘Configure server’. You will be taken to the Initial Settings Management screen.

  5. In the License Options section please enter your license information.

    • If you have a license key supplied by StorReduce, select ‘Manually cut-and-paste a license’ from the dropdown, then paste your license key in.

    • If you purchased the StorReduce On-Premises Edition through a Cloud Marketplace, select ‘Obtain a license from a license server’ from the dropdown. Copy-and-paste the License Server URL from your License Server’s Web interface (see the StorReduce On-Premises Edition Guide for details). When you save your settings the StorReduce server will obtain a license from the specified License Server.

  6. On the Initial Settings Configuration screen, enter the following information:

    • AWS Region: The region containing your S3 bucket

    • S3 Bucket: The name of your S3 bucket

    • AWS Access Key ID: Access key with access to the bucket

    • AWS Secret Access Key: Secret key with access to the bucket

    • Hostname: The DNS name for your StorReduce VM (e.g.

    Other settings can be left alone, although you can edit them later.

    Settings Screenshot 2

  7. Click on the Save Settings & Restart Server button at the bottom of the page. The page should automatically reload after 10 seconds (it can sometimes take a little longer). You will then need to log in as root again.

    Settings Saved Screenshot

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