Offline Install


StorReduce deploys as a Docker container and relies on a thin-wrapper utility called StorReduceCtl to assist with setup.

Traditionally, setting up StorReduce on bare metal requires a) SSDs formatted as ext2 file systems and properly mounted b) Firewall configuration to allow traffic on appropriate ports c) Configuration of ntpd d) YUM repository configured to install StorReduceCtl e) Docker images pulled by StorReduceCtl to run StorReduce and affiliated components

Steps d) and e) require an internet connection to interact with the StorReduce YUM repository and Docker repository respectively. When this is not possible, this guide will assist in setting up a StorReduce server after steps a to c are complete. Steps a to c can be reviewed here.

This guide will also assist in the pre-configuration of StorReduce Monitor in environments that do not have an internet connection.

Downloading StorReduce Assets for Offline Install

Downloading StorReduce assets requires the use of AWS CLI. This can be found here. For Linux or MacOX, we recommend using the Bundled Installer for convenience.

Once installed, you can retrieve the assets:

mkdir -p /tmp/sr-offline
aws s3 sync s3://sr-release-offline/offline-storreduce-latest-assets/ /tmp/sr-offline

Then, copy /tmp/sr-offline/storreduce-assets to your StorReduce server(s) and /tmp/sr-offline/storreduce-monitor-assets to your StorReduce Monitor server(s).

Install Docker on your StorReduce or StorReduce Monitor server(s)

Find out more information on how to install Docker here. Please make sure that you start Docker services before proceeding.

Install StorReduce assets

# Navigate to the directory containing your downloaded StorReduce assets
# e.g. cd /tmp/offline-storreduce-latest-assets/storreduce-assets

# Install StorReduceCtl
sudo yum install -y ./storreducectl*

# Install StorReduce Monitor
sudo yum install -y ./storreduce-monitor*

# Start Limited Monitor Services (for StorReduce single server edition; not required for cluster edition)
sudo /usr/bin/storreduce-grafana install
sudo /usr/bin/storreduce-prometheus install

# Start StorReduce
sudo storreducectl server start

# Follow configuration guides for StorReduce
# Single Edition:
# Cluster Edition:

Install StorReduce Monitor Assets

# Navigate to the directory containing your downloaded StorReduce monitor assets
# e.g. cd /tmp/offline-storreduce-latest-assets/storreduce-monitor-assets

# Install StorReduce Monitor RPM
sudo yum install -y ./storreduce-monitor*

# Install Monitor Docker images
ls | grep elasticsearch | sudo xargs docker load -i 
ls | grep kibana | sudo xargs docker load -i 
ls | grep logstash | sudo xargs docker load -i 
ls | grep elastic-curator | sudo xargs docker load -i 
ls | grep storreduce-reverseproxy | sudo xargs docker load -i 

# Run StorReduce Monitor Install script
sudo storreduce-install-monitor

# Follow regular deployment guide of StorReduce Monitor
# Visit: