Upgrading StorReduce

Upgrading a StorReduce v4 Server

To upgrade a StorReduce v4 server to the latest release run the following commands:

sudo yum update
sudo storreducectl server update
sudo storreducectl server restart

Upgrading a StorReduce v3 Server

To upgrade a StorReduce v3 server to the latest release run the following commands:

sudo yum update
sudo supervisorctl storreduce restart

Upgrading to a Larger StorReduce Instance

If you are running out of index space on your StorReduce instance, you may wish to upgrade to a larger edition and/or run the server on a larger VM instance.

This can be done by creating a new StorReduce instance and transfering ownership of the data from your old instance to your new one. See Transferring Data to a New StorReduce Instance below for details.

Transferring Data to a New StorReduce Instance

Ownership of the data in a cloud storage bucket can be transferred from one StorReduce server to another. This will allow the new server to write data and modify data in the cloud storage bucket. The old server will no longer be able to write to the bucket, but can still be run in read-only mode.

  1. In your existing/old StorReduce instance, take a snapshot of the local index information. This will speed up the rebuilding of the index in the new server.

    To do this, log in to the StorReduce dashboard on your existing instance, click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab, then click on the ‘Start Snapshot’ button.

    Wait until the snapshot is completed. When this happens the Snapshot area will show the state has returned to ‘Stopped’ and the ‘Last Complete’ field will show when the snapshot finished.

  2. Create your new StorReduce server as described in the appropriate deployment guide, up to the point where you are ready to configure the new server. You can perform this step while the snapshot is running, but do not enter the S3 bucket name into the Settings screen yet.

  3. Stop your old StorReduce server instance.

  4. In the S3 Management Console, go to your S3 bucket and manually delete the object called “StorReduce-Owner-Stamp”. This object identifies the StorReduce server that owns the data in the bucket. After you have done this, the next server to access the bucket will take ownership of the data. Be careful not to delete any other object from the bucket or you may delete some or all of your data.

    Owner Stamp Object

  5. Finish configuring your new server with the bucket name and hostname as described in the Getting Started Guide, then save your settings and restart.

    The new server may take a short time to start up while it restores the index from the snapshot and replays any further changes made since the snapshot.

  6. Once the new server is started, log in and click on the ‘Browse Data’ tab to confirm that all data is present.

If you have any issue please contact StorReduce via email info@storreduce.com or chat.