StorReduce Savings & Speedup Estimator

On-Premises Estimator

To run the Estimator as a Virtual Appliance on your own infrastructure, please download the on-premises Estimator OVA file using the link below.

Import the OVA file into VMware ESXi, Workstation or Fusion. Please ensure that you:

  • select 'thin provisioning' for disks.
  • set up a DNS name (or hosts file entry) for the server - note that connecting to the server by IP address can cause problems for some S3 clients.
  • ensure that you have network connectivity to the server on ports 22, 80 and 443, and optionally port 8080 can be used for the dashboard (admin) interface.

To start using the Estimator, browse to your virtual machine DNS name to bring up the StorReduce dashboard. Log in with username 'root' and the initial password is 'storreduce'. Then follow the on-screen instructions to start uploading data.

Download Estimator Appliance

On-cloud Estimator using EC2

To run the Estimator as an Amazon EC2 instance, log in to EC2 Management Console and then follow the link below to the StorReduce Estimator AMI.

  • Choose an Instance Type with at least 2 SSDs for instance storage - we recommend a c3.xlarge as a good choice for evaluation.
  • On the Add Storage screen, accept the default storage options.
  • On the Configure Security Group screen, create or select a security group that opens TCP ports 22, 80, 443 and (optionally) 8080 for the StorReduce dashboard.

Please allow up to 10 minutes (it's usually much quicker) for the server to start for the first time, while it initializes its disks.

To start using the Estimator, browse to your Amazon instance by pasting the public DNS name into a browser (e.g. Log in with username 'root'. The initial password is the EC2 instance ID of your server (e.g. i-123abc45). Then follow the on-screen instructions to start uploading data.

Launch Estimator AMI in US-East

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