Make your Cloud or Object Storage Intelligent, at Scale

Gain Competitive Advantage and Meet Compliance Needs from your Longest Stored History of Data, your Backup And Archive

StorReduce Insight harvests metadata from your object storage, make it accessible and searchable, at scale with open APIs, including malware detection, AI, search inside and more.

StorReduce Insight opens backup TAR files and enables use of any best of breed service on your backup data and its metadata on object storage.

See how your storage and backup team can now help your company meet compliance, add a second line of defense for malware and more.

Watch our 7 minute demos below:

Malware Detection

Detect viruses, worms, ransomware and other malware in your backups. Use this information to determine where the malware entered your organization, prevent these failures from happening again and ensure that you don't reinfect your systems by recovering a virus.

IBM Watson

Use AI services like IBM Watson to understand the data that you are backing up.                                                                                                                                                          

Coming Soon

  • Full text search inside backups - meet GDPR and Federal or other compliance requirements
  • Data Loss Prevention API - classify and detect when client information like credit card details is stored in the wrong locations
  • Image classification APIs - search metadata of images