Instantaneous and virtually free cloning of entire buckets at PB scale

StorReduce Object Clone

Find a cure faster, develop your product better.

Let every developer or researcher work on a complete and isolated set of cloud data, protect your cloud data set against accidental or malicious deletion, with StorReduce Object Clone, at virtually no extra cost.

StorReduce Object Clone enables you to repeatedly produce fully isolated, copy-on-write (COW), clones of buckets containing millions of objects and petabytes of data, at virtually zero cost. Your cloned bucket contains a comprehensive snapshot of your data at a single point in time without the worry of changes and deletions from developers, researchers and experiments causing data corruption.

Object Clone benefits any kind of data that can be stored in the cloud - whether it be generated from Internet of Things appliances, financial trading, life sciences, multimedia (images, videos, music/audio etc.), or even backup workloads. Object Clone benefits data that deduplicates, as well as data that does not deduplicate. It is like NetApp FlexClone but for object storage and for use cases extending past backup.

Use Cases for Object Clone

  • Protect against “fat fingers” or malicious deletion of data in object store – Administrators can now efficiently make time based clones of entire buckets and assign read-only access for ‘locking in’ protected data at critical points in time.
  • Big Data, Internet of Things, Research – Clone petabyte scale data sets so that researchers can work independently of each other in their own scratch areas.
  • IT Operations – Test new versions of software against your data set in isolation.
  • Developers, Software Testers – Clone your test data sets so that developers and testers can work with the whole data set, not just a small subset, in isolation. Roll the state back after failures and retest rapidly.
  • Software Quality Assurance – Take a clone of an entire system at the point that it fails a test and hand it back to the developer.
  • Hadoop, Big Data – Take point in time snapshots of the state of your cluster and rollback after problems.

How it works

Using the StorReduce dashboard to perform a “Clone Bucket” request is as easy as creating a bucket in StorReduce or S3. After identifying a source bucket and a clone bucket target name, StorReduce creates a perfect duplicate bucket complete with security policies, and is owned by the initiator of the request.

Clones can be created programmatically as well through StorReduce’s own API for clone.

Why use Object Clone?

Currently some public clouds and object stores enable you to efficiently copy large amounts of data, this is quick, but can the costs add up, you pay for each byte that you copy.

StorReduce Object Clone makes a virtual copy of your data. By copying a very small amount of metadata it enables you to effectively pay almost nothing for the second and subsequent full copies of your data, even at Petabyte scale.

If you’re working with a large data set on cloud, it gives you the freedom to experiment, fail without consequences, and iterate quickly.