Replace Data Domain with Private or Public Object Storage

Store Primary Backups on Object Storage

Remove Data Domains and other On-premises Backup Appliances

Save up to 70% immediately, remove the disaster recovery risk inherent in on-premises hardware appliances and enable a cloud first future.

Primary backups have traditionally been locked on-premises in expensive purpose built backup hardware appliances such as Data Domains. With the fast growth of data these appliances fill up at an alarming rate, locking you into an expensive hardware cycle and preventing your stored data from being data mined or scalably stored on the cloud.

The advent of scalable, durable object storage and StorReduce's unique scale-out inline deduplication built specifically for object storage now makes it possible to store your primary backups straight from the on-premises backup software onto object storage. Recovery is at LAN speeds when storing these backups to private object storage on-premises, or when using a Direct Connect or other dedicated high speed connection back to on-premises from a public cloud.

A single StorReduce scale-out cluster is estimated to replace around 5 Data Domain 9500s (the largest Data Domains). StorReduce is software defined and like object storage, you can purchase capacity on an as required basis to scale with your storage needs, there is no fork-lift upgrade. StorReduce's cloud API enables your data to be re-used on cloud with cloud services to gain benefit from your data.

See the StorReduce Architecture for Primary Backup to Object Storage compared to Data Domain below.


Data Domain

Legacy Primary Backup Storage with Data Domain

Data Domain deployments lock you in to an expensive hardware refresh cycle. DR is only possible by doubling down on costs and deploying a second Data Domain at a second site. Data is stored in a filesystem interface which does not enable cloud services such as search and analytics to be used for business intelligence.

Data Domain Cloud Tier

Cloud Tiering from Data Domain is not a 'Cloud' solution

One third of all data must remain on Data Domain, keeping you locked in to the same expensive hardware refresh cycle. Data tiered to cloud is not available through a cloud interface, preventing you from using your data with cloud services such as search and analytics. Data Domain Cloud Tier permanently prevents you from achieving a cloud-first architecture.


Primary Backups in Object Storage with StorReduce.

All your data is stored deduplicated in inexpensive, highly durable object storage. StorReduce paired with Object Storage can save you up to 70% compared to a legacy Data Domain deployment. Simple scale-out architecture of both StorReduce and Object Storage allows you to incrementally scale as needed - no fork-lift upgrades.